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Courtesy Jyotika Purwar from the 'Designwala Logo Series'
Designwala Update

Designwala has been on a bit of a hiatus. I started DW a few years ago while working at a New York design agency, primarily to keep in touch with all that was happening in India with respect to art, design and architecture. It definitely had nostalgic value as well since I missed home. Overtime [...]

all that matters
INK 2013 | All That Matters

Calloh!Callay! I finally made it out to INK. Well, InkLive to be accurate, but what the heck. Joy all around when I managed to score a press pass to cover the event.  So I hopped onto the night train with the Jaaga crew, and found myself back in Kochi, for the first time since Startup School moved back to [...]

Dekho: Conversations on Design in India (2012)

Dekho: Conversations on Design in India is the first of its kind effort at self-publishing an Indian perspective on the practice and context of designing for and in India. Nominated for Design Museum’s prestigious Designs of the Year awards, Dekho is the only shortlisted nomination from India this year, standing amongst eminent entries from across [...]

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Lessons from the Grand Anaicut of Tamil Nadu

One rainy evening almost 2000 years back, a dark, well built man with a distinctly thick beard walked up to the banks of the River Cauvery near modern day Tiruchirapalli, deep inside the then Tamil country. He looked across the vast river anxiously. Rough white water raged through with such fury that it threatened to [...]

Drawings of animal tracks and poetry related to animal specimen collecting by Vernon Orlando Bailey, 1890-1891
Finding My Poetry in Design

Recently we conducted a color workshop at one of the fine new design schools in India. The workshop began with a brief that, the students were to design for themselves and not for a client. Somehow the whole range of students, from foundation to final year found it difficult to work without a so called [...]

Artist - Madhurya Balan
The Fearless Campaign | Art in the age of social media

The last couple of months have been rather dark, infuriating and intense. Post the horrific Delhi rape case, all forms of media have been abuzz with stories about rape, in its different shapes, sizes and forms. What’s worse than the act itself,  are the ridiculous ideas and notions that people in this country have about [...]

Behavioural and Attitude Change through Design

As the ‘Anti- Rape Protests’ died down and the trial of the six rape accused began in Delhi, the three member committee headed by former chief justice J S Verma submitted their report on the 23rd of January to the Government suggesting amendment of criminal laws to provide for higher punishment to rapists. Most of the recommendations in [...]

Pune Design Festival 2013:

In its 7th year of existence, the theme for Pune Design Festival (PDF ) this year was Interestingly the conference and I started our design journey in the same year in Pune.  I have attended the fest in various roles, starting from being  visitor in 1st year, a volunteer in 3rd, part of color [...]

Women and Social Spaces – Dec 29 2012

Woman and Social Spaces was the title of the panel that was held in the BMW Guggenheim Lab which is open in Mumbai through January 20, 2013. The lab is an open think tank for urban development, a community center and a public gathering space. The mobile lab has already made its way through New York [...]

Santosh More - Kala Ghoda Festival - Feb 2012 - Prohibited II
Prohibited by Santosh More

We were sent the work of Santosh More recently. Given its architectural and urban overtones his work resonated with us. Santosh’s work is being exhibited at the Jehangir Art Gallery & Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai from 22nd Jan to 20th Feb 2013 by independent curator and arts representative Shraddha Purnaye. Here is the [...]