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Jugaad – The spirit of indian innovation



Flickr picture by lakshman_M.

“Jugaad is a vehicle assembled by carpenters and low skilled people much like what the Flintstones did for their cars.  The basic form of the vehicle is a cart fitted out with a diesel pump used as an engine.  A big rod with a wheel at the end serves as the steering column. There are no gears and a basic break mechanism stops the wheel when needed.  The brakes fail more than they work requiring its passengers to jump off the moving vehicle to place stones or blocks in front of the wheels.  Since these vehicles operate in the rural parts of India there is no registration fee or insurance or emissions inspections.  There are hundreds of Jugaad’s on rural roads of India and despite the issues of road worthiness, these vehicles reflect the true spirit of innovation in rural India”. – From HOK’s India Blog.

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