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The Game Designer : Arnab Basu


Arnab Basu | Game Designer from shagun singh on Vimeo.

Arnab Basu is a product manager at IMVU–a Palo Alto start-up leveraging 3D avatar technology to maintain an online community of over fifty million members. He has worked in production and operations on platinum-selling video games, like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. And he conceived and led development on MTV’s mtvU GameORZ, an online portal for college students to showcase original flash games. Arnab has presented at the Game Developers Conference and at the Vancouver Film School. And he managed studio operations at SilverTree Media, a boutique video game developer with a focus on children. He has an avid interest in enhancing primary education for kids around the world by harnessing new media and game design techniques to build flexible, on-demand learning ecologies.

In this Skype chat, Arnab talks about how games are embedded in our lives. A lot of games are based around human behaviors like collecting objects or organizing things. However, games can also be used to define and introduce certain behaviors and this aspect can be used to make socially responsible and educational games. Arnab is on the board of directors of Institute of Play.

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