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Tainted Water


Tainted Water is a beautiful interactive installation by a group of designers from NID who call themselves ‘Digital Jalebi’.Here are some insights from Nikhil Joshi who is one of the creators of the project. 

How was tainted water conceived?
The initial idea was born as an installation for NID’s annual festival RGB. We took inspiration from visual language of the event and started exploring ribbons as a tool to relate to the construction and philosophy of RGB. We wanted to create something that lets you act, move and enjoy the space while creating an ambience. Thus the idea of physical ribbons translating in to digital counterparts was born. While working with dynamic ribbons and projection, one of the tasks that we set for ourselves was exploiting the screen or the medium on which the projection was done. Looking at ribbons, we needed something that can texture or make them vibrate physically and thus we chose string of flowing water to be the projection screen.

Describe the audience experience while interacting with the project.
It’s difficult to define experiences, but I can say they loved it. We got a really good response and feedback on the installation. One can experience the joy and curiosity that one felt while watching the videos for installation.

What technology did you use for the project?
We used Microsoft Kinect to track the physical ribbons and then translate them in to digital ones. Apart from this the dynamic ribbons were generated using Adobe flash.

Where is tainted water headed next?
The idea of experimenting with the area of projection has really inspired us, You can see people doing all sorts of projection mapping and playing around with digital content but what if the physical area of projection starts to move, alter its shape or reconfigure. We are in process of ideating different installations on similar lines as well there is a version 2.0 for “Tainted waters” with four times the scale and more complex visualizations in progress.

Who are your favourite artists and designers? Why do you admire their work?
My favourite artist is Memo Akten and designer is Pranav Mistry. Memo for his capacity to use technology and transform them into experiences. He is someone who can visualize these invisible relationships between different media and seamlessly rope them together as a narrative. Pranav Mistry for his ability of picking stuff from day today life and creating meaningful interaction out of them. The very idea of using interactions from day to day life to control and augment the digital world around makes it intuitive.

What do you want to work on next? 
Just getting out of NID and having done some installations, I feel an immense need for an organized setup to provide digital solutions to people. There is a huge amount of opportunity for New media designers / Digital artists to come forward and make a mark on the commercial market, where we can help them promote and expand their brands while communicating with the masses in a novel way. This has given birth to our small studio called “Digital jalebi” where we try and create digital experiences.

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    Beautiful Project.

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