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Parallel Journeys by Nike


Creative Roots is one of my favorite design inspiration blog. I often go there look through creative ideas from various countries. Today I stumbled across a rather fun Nike commercial around cricketing in India called Parallel Journeys. Created by JWT India, the video has been shot in multiple locations that span across the nation and include Jodhpur, Varanasi, Ladakh, Delhi, Indore, Mumbai and Pondicherry. The video circles around various young men in various places getting ready to play a game of cricket. They sneak out of their houses, grab their scooters or a ride on rickety bus, wear their cricket uniforms with pride and play the game. Nike ends the commercial with – Just Do It #Bleed Blue. It is quite stirring, the music has the right pacing, the branding is perfect for Indian markets.

There is something missing though.  I miss seeing girls in the video. As a girl child growing up with two very athletic brothers in India, I wasn’t encouraged to play any sports or was too scared to participate.  I wonder if a Nike commercial in the US would have been totally devoid of women. I think not. In removing any semblance of women in the ad, maybe the point proven is that women don’t buy Nike in India. That said, one could say that Nike is trying to leverage the only sport that the country is really good at and has a mass following in – cricket (which is totally male dominated). That fact is sadly as demotivating as the video is uplifting.

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