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NrityaDhol : Dhol in form of ghungroos


I came across NrityaDhol this morning while looking over the Interaction design people’s choice award shortlist. It is a fascinating project created using the arduino, force sensing resisters and processing to name a few physical computing components that seemed to have gone into the project.

Here is the description of the project from the IxD site:
NrityaDhol is a music instrument which combines dance and music experiences of Ghunghroo and Dhol. Ghunghroo is a musical anklet tied to the leg of Indian classical dancers to produce music out of their footwork. Dhol is a drum which accompanies rhythm of foot tapping in many Indian dances. NrityaDhol is a transformation of Dhol in the form of Ghunghroo. It is a pair of musical anklets which translates foot tapping patterns of classical dancers into a rhythm of Dhol with the help of motion detection technology. It produces Dhin (low frequency bass sound) and tak(high frequency treble sound) of Dhol on tapping left and right leg respectively.

Vote for the project here

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