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Designwala Update


Courtesy Jyotika Purwar from the ‘Designwala Logo Series’

Designwala has been on a bit of a hiatus.

I started DW a few years ago while working at a New York design agency, primarily to keep in touch with all that was happening in India with respect to art, design and architecture. It definitely had nostalgic value as well since I missed home. Overtime DW developed into a repository of experimental and breakthrough ideas. Other than writing articles we organized events, competitions, developed videos, curated design exhibitions and conferences. Some very talented people helped out with some or all of these activities. DW is a non profit endeavor, but we still tried to compensate people who helped and contributed.

Last year I formed Urban Matter Inc with two partners. UMI is an experience design studio that creates work at the intersection of art, design, architecture and technology. We are new to the competitive NYC collective scene and in the nascent stage of picking up projects and clients. UMI can’t support designwala financially as my other agency work did. However, I love designwala and will be updating the blog twice every month with things that excite and inspire me.

If you have ideas, comments or would like to contribute for no fee, please reach out to me at

Thanks for reading as usual!

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