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Designwala showcases design driven projects in the developing world with a focus on India. The website examines alternate trajectories of growth and development beyond those accepted in the developed world. We are interested in design activism, technology driven design and impact of culture on design. Content presented here is a mix of desk research, personal opinions and field trips. We are designers that like to write and document good design ideas.

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Designwala is:

Shagun Singh - Shagun started Designwala in 2009 to understand design methods beyond those that she was exposed to, working in New York. At present she works as an experience designer at Urban Matter Inc before which she worked as an interaction designer at frog. In the years prior to frog, she worked for a number of design and architecture companies and institutions including Method Inc, SOM and NID.  You can follow her on twitter at @shagun

Richard Lin – Rick keeps Designwala rolling with his technical expertise.  He is also responsible for all the wonderful video interviews on the website. At present Rick works for Major Robot as an IT engineer. He is also an avid photographer. You can see more of his work here.


Ria Rajan – Ria has been contributing to Designwala since early 2010. Her articles are insightful and convey the creative energy surrounding the Indian design scene. Ria is artist, illustrator, writer and has worked for Microsoft Research India and Jaaga amongst other creative initiatives in India. You can see more of her work here.

Radhika Ganorkar - Radhika has been following Designwala since 2009 and started contributing since early 2012. She keeps an observant eye on the design scene in India and presents here articles with a sprinkling of her opinions and personality. At present, she is a communication designer at IdeaSpice, Mumbai. She has masters from Pratt Institute, New York and she is a Kathak-dancer and has been a national-level athlete. You can find her work here

Maitreyi Doshi-Joshi has been contributing to Designwala since 2012. Her articles are rooted in community development and cover a wide range of topics. She likes to ask critical questions about Indian Design. She has a masters from Maryland Institute College of Art, USA in Community Arts. She has worked with Elephant Design, World Wide Workshop, and the Creative Alliance. You can check some of her work here.

Sajan Rajagopal has worked in the Industrial Design field as an Engineer for over 8 years. As a Mechanical Engineer turned into Product Designer, he loves to observe, analyze and write about the various ways in which Design impacts mankind as a whole. Being a passionate story teller and a wannabe stand up comedian, he firmly believes that he is one of the world’s best Foosball players. You can find his work here.