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Dekho: Conversations on Design in India (2012)

Dekho: Conversations on Design in India is the first of its kind effort at self-publishing an Indian perspective on the practice and context of designing for and in India. Nominated for Design Museum’s prestigious Designs of the Year awards, Dekho is the only shortlisted nomination from India this year, standing amongst eminent entries from across [...]

Santosh More - Kala Ghoda Festival - Feb 2012 - Prohibited II
Prohibited by Santosh More

We were sent the work of Santosh More recently. Given its architectural and urban overtones his work resonated with us. Santosh’s work is being exhibited at the Jehangir Art Gallery & Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai from 22nd Jan to 20th Feb 2013 by independent curator and arts representative Shraddha Purnaye. Here is the [...]

InfluencerCON 2012 – A Recap

Maitreyi, recalls the exciting 3 day event Oct 3rd – 5th 2012

Tainted Water

Tainted Water is a beautiful interactive installation by a group of designers from NID who call themselves ‘Digital Jalebi’.Here are some insights from Nikhil Joshi who is one of the creators of the project.  How was tainted water conceived? The initial idea was born as an installation for NID’s annual festival RGB. We took inspiration from [...]

conductive orchestra3
Conductive Orchestra

Ankkit Modi and Rudransh Mathur, are two budding interaction designers and electronic artists who have recently graduated from the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Banglore. Maitreyi had a chat with them about their interesting project called the Conductive Orchestra.

The Comeback of the Crafts

Over the last couple of decades we have seen the rise of digital technology. Like every thing that becomes popular, it replaced [temporarily] everything that was analog. Email replaced letters and postcards, digital SLR camera’’s replaced film cameras, kindle and tablets replaced books, and so on. With everything becoming digital and virtual, hand crafted things [...]

Rahul Kumar - 590x332
“Inspired by India” at Sotheby’s to bring craft, color and culture to life

Sotheby’s is holding an exhibition/auction around Indian contemporary design and art.  The exhibition that is aptly called “inspired by India” will showcase photographs, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, furniture and more. It will be held in London from May 8th to 15th. The exhibition has been curated by Janice Blackburn, London curator and as an article in NY [...]