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Conferences & Talks

Pune Design Festival 2013:

In its 7th year of existence, the theme for Pune Design Festival (PDF ) this year was Interestingly the conference and I started our design journey in the same year in Pune.  I have attended the fest in various roles, starting from being  visitor in 1st year, a volunteer in 3rd, part of color [...]

Women and Social Spaces – Dec 29 2012

Woman and Social Spaces was the title of the panel that was held in the BMW Guggenheim Lab which is open in Mumbai through January 20, 2013. The lab is an open think tank for urban development, a community center and a public gathering space. The mobile lab has already made its way through New York [...]

InfluencerCON 2012 – A Recap

Maitreyi, recalls the exciting 3 day event Oct 3rd – 5th 2012

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Inviting Papers -Designing Design Education for India Conference March 13-15, 2013, Pune

The Designing Design Education for India conference has been scheduled from March 13–15, 2013 at Pune, India. This conference is hosted by the India Design Council which is an autonomous body under the aegis of the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion; Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

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INK Talks: Day 3

Day 3 began on a musical note. Lakshmi introduced the session ‘The Collections’ and the first speaker of the day. Vidya Shah, musician, singer, composer, producer brought to our notice the bygone era of gramophone records. During that time, women recorded more as the Ustads considered it beneath them to record a disc and ‘sell’ that [...]

Ink Talks 2012 : Day 2

Dub poets, master storytellers, wildlife conservationists, rock star designers, dancers, choreographers and more After having such an inspiring Day 1, Maitreyi and I were eagerly anticipating Day 2 at the INK Conference! The sessions and the line up of speakers like Lynda Barry and Matt Groening,, D’bi Young Anitafrika, Eames Demetrios, and INK Fellows Tanmoy [...]

image courtesy Ink talks facebook page
Ink Talks 2012 : Day 1

Street side entrepreneurs, Bollywood actresses, neurologists, clarinet players and more When I walked into the convention room, I listened to the theme song that they kept playing again and again. I loved it, it was so inspiring, and that set the tone for the day. I cannot even begin to express how brilliant the first day [...]

INK 2012, Pune

INK 2012, Pune Oct, 11-14   Maitreyi speaks about the experience of covering INK2012 for designwala. I walked into the Marriot Convention Center on Thursday morning not quite sure how I was planning on covering the INK Conference . Just the previous day, Shagun sent me an email saying there was an amazing opportunity to [...]

InfluencerCon 2012 October 3rd-5th, Mumbai

In an inspiring and engaging chat over Skype early in the morning, Philip McKenzie – founder of InfluencerCon and Tegy Thomas the lead organizers of InfluencerCon Mumbai, spoke to Maitreyi about InfluencerCon 2012.

Prof. Panchal speaking on "Branding and Design" at the 4th Machine Tool Industry Summit
Design and the Indian Manufacturing Industry

Why does the Indian manufacturing industry particularly the machine tool industry (MTI) not pay attention to design and branding is a question I have been asking my father for a while.