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Drawings of animal tracks and poetry related to animal specimen collecting by Vernon Orlando Bailey, 1890-1891
Finding My Poetry in Design

Recently we conducted a color workshop at one of the fine new design schools in India. The workshop began with a brief that, the students were to design for themselves and not for a client. Somehow the whole range of students, from foundation to final year found it difficult to work without a so called [...]

Behavioural and Attitude Change through Design

As the ‘Anti- Rape Protests’ died down and the trial of the six rape accused began in Delhi, the three member committee headed by former chief justice J S Verma submitted their report on the 23rd of January to the Government suggesting amendment of criminal laws to provide for higher punishment to rapists. Most of the recommendations in [...]

InfluencerCON 2012 – A Recap

Maitreyi, recalls the exciting 3 day event Oct 3rd – 5th 2012

SwayamGhar – Designing your home for your`self’; by you

Have you ever wondered, about the living room layout that hasn’t felt right since you moved in? Why is it that some spaces feel more livable than others? Why is it you always feel completely lost in stores with a million choices but instantly see a roadside furniture piece and feel it is so YOU? [...]

INDIA And The Need For A National Organization For Design and Designers

When I began studying at Pratt, New York, in 2008, the very first week we were introduced to the American Institute of Graphic Arts. And it instantly appealed to me. Being a student of communication design, in a foreign country, this seemed the best way to keep in touch with the design scene in NY. [...]

Can Design bring about behavioral change?

how do you change the behavior of a person or a community through design and visual communication?
Changing a behavior takes a lot of time and patience.

Image courtesy Gujarat Tourism Website
Creative thinking, Design Education and Innovation

Isn’t innovation essential for a country’s development? And do you really need to be a designer to innovate? I don’t think you necessarily need formally design education to innovate. Understanding design does help in an innovation, but I don’t think its essential. What is essential is creative thinking and creative problem solving that is the core to innovation.

Image courtesy Video Volunteers website
Giving a voice to the unheard : Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers is a NGO based in Goa, India that trains communities to be creative, produce content, think critically about situations and to take action. They combine video journalism and activism and enable marginalized communities to report untold stories from their lives and empower them to think about solutions and take action in the right [...]

Designing Education Systems : Butterfly Fields

The Indian education system is not particularly known for its hands on learning methods. The education culture still lauds rote learning and book based learning methods. One social enterprise is thinking about learning methods a bit differently. Hyderabad based Butterfly Fields recently won the case study competition themed “Democratizing Innovation: A Game Changer for Inclusive [...]