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An Ode to Design

As the year 2012 nears its post-doomsday end (what a bummer that was!), I wondered what kind of an article I should write to finish off this year in style? The year gone by has generally been a rather good year for Design with the Mobile Internet+ Tablet market going berserk, Angry Birds proving yet again [...]

design porn
Design Porn

This article is going to set the Designwala Site statistics on fire. That is the power of the word ‘Porn’. But if you are a reader who expects to read about the Design revolutions taking place in the porn industry (savita bhabhi and 3d porn to name a few), I am sorry but that is [...]

Designing a DIY Rainwater harvesting kit

This year has seen a lot of changes in weather patterns over the world. In India, there seems to be a drought like condition in a few states, in China there were floods, in the US there was a crazy heat wave and they are also facing a drought like condition. I am not sure [...]

India’s ‘Strong Beer’ – A Graphic Mantra

Anybody who’s been to Chennai knows that this richly cultured and vibrant city has a very nasty liquor scene (The best beer you could get your hands on is a Kingfisher!) Having spent years dreaming of a Budweiser to quench my parched Chennai throat, it came as a pleasant surprise sometime back when all of [...]

The Super Sport and its Super Heroes

Cricket is a much-loved sport pretty much everywhere where it is played. But in India, the status cricket has been elevated to, is almost close to that of a religion. It is the only thing that unites people from all over the country irrespective of the caste, creed, age or language. And the cricketers are [...]

Prof. Panchal speaking on "Branding and Design" at the 4th Machine Tool Industry Summit
Design and the Indian Manufacturing Industry

Why does the Indian manufacturing industry particularly the machine tool industry (MTI) not pay attention to design and branding is a question I have been asking my father for a while.

The Comeback of the Crafts

Over the last couple of decades we have seen the rise of digital technology. Like every thing that becomes popular, it replaced [temporarily] everything that was analog. Email replaced letters and postcards, digital SLR camera’’s replaced film cameras, kindle and tablets replaced books, and so on. With everything becoming digital and virtual, hand crafted things [...]

Rahul Kumar - 590x332
“Inspired by India” at Sotheby’s to bring craft, color and culture to life

Sotheby’s is holding an exhibition/auction around Indian contemporary design and art.  The exhibition that is aptly called “inspired by India” will showcase photographs, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, furniture and more. It will be held in London from May 8th to 15th. The exhibition has been curated by Janice Blackburn, London curator and as an article in NY [...]

Women using Arunachalam's creation to make low cost sanitary pads.
Disrupting women’s hygiene in rural India through design thinking.

Having grown up in a middle class family in India, this came as a shock to me – 88% of women in India do not have access to sanitary napkins. They resort to using rags, ashes, newspaper, dried leaves and husk according to a study by AC Nielsen. According to an article in Fastcoexist, girls [...]

Designing Innovation : India Future of Change Design Contest

India Future of Change is a five year initiative that focuses on getting students and professionals to compete, collaborate and co-create a better future for India. The initiative is made possible by the collaboration of IDC, IIT Bombay, CIIE, IIM-A and Financial Times and is supported by the Govt of India. India Future of Change [...]