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System Design

Behavioural and Attitude Change through Design

As the ‘Anti- Rape Protests’ died down and the trial of the six rape accused began in Delhi, the three member committee headed by former chief justice J S Verma submitted their report on the 23rd of January to the Government suggesting amendment of criminal laws to provide for higher punishment to rapists. Most of the recommendations in [...]

Women and Social Spaces – Dec 29 2012

Woman and Social Spaces was the title of the panel that was held in the BMW Guggenheim Lab which is open in Mumbai through January 20, 2013. The lab is an open think tank for urban development, a community center and a public gathering space. The mobile lab has already made its way through New York [...]

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Design in the Dustbin

‘What did you possibly think of writing that connects Information Design and Waste Management?’ you might wonder. Don’t worry folks. I am not going to grind you down with Wasteful logic (clever!) or tedious facts. Recently, Bangalore’s Municipal Corporation (BBMP) announced that the people have to sort their domestic waste before handing it over to the [...]

Corruption and Design

Corruption is nothing new to India. It has always been a part of our societal liabilities. But what is really alarming in today’s India is the manner in which we, as a country have completely failed to tackle corruption. In fact we’ve let the menace morph into new shapes and reach gigantic proportions as time [...]

Can Design bring about behavioral change?

how do you change the behavior of a person or a community through design and visual communication?
Changing a behavior takes a lot of time and patience.

Feedback and comments by Anisha Shankar for Design Impact
Nutrition and Design

Anisha Shankar, is a Design Impact Fellow working on a nutrition and livelihoods programme at Deep Griha Society, a charitable organisation that serves people living in the slums of Pune, India, through programmes ranging from education, to health, to self-help projects. Their primary office is located at Tadiwala Road in Pune. Maitreyi had a chance to interview Anisha below are the excerpts from the interview…

Delight – India’s new connected e-toilets

Public toilets have always been a big problem in India. New and innovative solutions are created everyday to solve this problem. The latest in the row of toilet innovation is the E-Toilet by a company called  Eram Scientific Solutions which is a part of the Eram Group, a technology research and development company. The company [...]

Designing Innovation : India Future of Change Design Contest

India Future of Change is a five year initiative that focuses on getting students and professionals to compete, collaborate and co-create a better future for India. The initiative is made possible by the collaboration of IDC, IIT Bombay, CIIE, IIM-A and Financial Times and is supported by the Govt of India. India Future of Change [...]

Designing Education Systems : Butterfly Fields

The Indian education system is not particularly known for its hands on learning methods. The education culture still lauds rote learning and book based learning methods. One social enterprise is thinking about learning methods a bit differently. Hyderabad based Butterfly Fields recently won the case study competition themed “Democratizing Innovation: A Game Changer for Inclusive [...]

‘Spark the Rise’ – Design challenge by Mahendra

Along the lines of Pepsi Refresh Project and GE’s Ecomagination Challenge comes Mahindra’s ‘Spark the Rise‘ Competition which is a digital challenge geared towards creating change through innovation. The campaign that is focused in India aims to get Indians to create innovative projects around six themes namely energy, transport, infrastructure, agriculture, technology and social entrepreneurship. [...]