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The Game Designer : Arnab Basu

Arnab Basu | Game Designer from shagun singh on Vimeo. Arnab Basu is a product manager at IMVU–a Palo Alto start-up leveraging 3D avatar technology to maintain an online community of over fifty million members. He has worked in production and operations on platinum-selling video games, like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. [...]

Panel discussion on Parallel Urbanism

Panel discussion topic – Parallel Urbanism : local people editing local spaces Panelists – Lina Srivastava, Jyoti Hosagrahar, John Gerarci Date – Feb 28th at Wix Lounge NYC The panel on Parallel Urbanism : local people regulating local spaces addressed the topic of involvement of community in the decision making processes pertaining to their environments. [...]

The Planner : Deepa Mehta

In this interview, Deepa Mehta who is an urban planner living in San Francisco, talks about heritage, modernity, technology and urban design. She explains how the integration of modern tools and technology with traditional arts and crafts will help carry these age old techniques to the next century. Deepa mainly works in cultural heritage planning [...]

The Technologists – Part 2 | Sonali Sridhar

Sonali Sridhar currently works as an Interaction Designer in New York, using web, print and mobile electronics to explore the connectivity and psychology of design. She also works with wearable technology, designing objects that interact with daily life, form addictions and provide comfort. In this interview, Sonali outlines the framework for successful open source projects [...]

Indigenous Modernities – Jyoti Hosagrahar Part 2

The second part of the video is titled ‘Indigenous Modernities’ based on the title of Jyoti Hosagrahar’s book with the same title. In this video, she talks about modernity in the context of the developing world. She brings up the perception of ‘Modern’ where it is equaled to western living vs it being understood as [...]

The Sustainable Urbanist – Jyoti Hosagrahar Part 1

Jyoti Hosagrahar is faculty at Columbia University, New York and Director of Sustainable Urbanism International at Columbia University, and Bangalore, India. Architect, planner, and historian, she advises on urban development, historic conservation, and sustainability issues in Asia. Her research interests include urban heritage, cultural and environmental sustainability of cities focusing on the intersections of nature, [...]

The Technologists : Anab Jain

Anab Jain is a designer and a TED Fellow, interested in creating stories that lead us towards new, alternate futures. Educated in India, Vienna and London, she is the Founder of Superflux, a design practice working at the intersection of people and technology. She created ‘The Power of 8’ a collaborative project to imagine alternate, [...]

The Indovators – Part 3 | Dr Simone Ahuja

Dr Simone Ahuja is the founder and principal of Blood Orange Media, a multimedia production and design company that creates content in emerging markets, focusing specifically on examples of innovation with global relevance. Most recently she developed, produced and directed the Best Buy Corp supported television series, Indique – Big Ideas from Emerging India, for [...]

The Indovators – Part 2 | Jinal Shah

Jinal Shah is a digital strategist and works for Electric Artists in NYC. She describes herself as a thinker, writer and storyteller and jots down her thoughts in her blog – Constant Beta. She also started a blog called Dsplaced that aggregates stories from people and talks about their sense of displacement from home and [...]

The Indovators – Part 1 | Lina Srivastava

Lina Srivastava is the Principal of Lina Srivastava Consulting, LLC, which focuses on employing strategy, innovation, engagement and the use of cultural assets to create and demonstrate social change. For our new feature ‘The Indovators’, Lina talks about opportunities for indian designers in the fields of service design, information design, systems design, climate change and [...]