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A Grand Idea

Startup School | Living in the future.

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back with something to write about. As most new things go, the last few months have a been a whirlwind of ideas, sleepless nights and dreams that has finally manifested itself into its physical form as  Startup School.IN.  Startup School is an intensive 3 month residential incubation program, focused [...]

TED Bangalore : Everywhere on Earth

My mind is spinning and is all aglow from all the inspiring people and ideas encountered this afternoon. I just got home from the TED Bangalore Auditions, that were held in the Mount Carmel College auditorium, a landmark college in the city. Seeking to discover it’s next speakers, TED came to Bangalore, to conduct its [...]

MobileActivationStation_holobiont-1 2
A Grand Idea | Inhabit – winners announced

The Mobile Activation Station by Holobiont The Mobile Activation Station designed by Holobiont (Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert) has been selected as the winner by our three esteemed judges – Raul Smith Correa of ‘Faiscas‘, Soo-in Yang of ‘The Living’ and Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai. They win a grand or $1000 to make their [...]

A Grand Idea – Inhabit Section Finalists

A Grand Idea -Inhabit Section competition culminated on June 17th. A lot of  interesting entries came pouring in from all round the world. The ones published are a few that stood out. Our judges Raul Smith Correa from FAISCAS and Soo-in Yang from The Living are going over the entries and plan to pick a [...]

“A Grand Idea – Inhabit” Competition Brief

What is this competition about? This competition is focused on design solutions that can change our immediate urban environment into places that we can truly inhabit. The first series of ‘The Grand Idea Initiative’ is called ‘INHABIT‘. The ultimate challenge of which is to create solutions that introduce fun, sustainable, and innovative ways people use [...]

Donate – A Grand Idea Competition

We have raised close to $913 dollars for the Inhabit section but still need to raise money for LEARN, ORGANIZE, HEAL and SUSTAIN. Make them happen. Donate! What is ‘A Grand Idea’ Initiative ? A Grand Idea’ initiative is a competition series that is geared towards creating design solutions for social change that cost upto [...]