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TYIN Architect’s Toolbox

We’ve been working on a couple of urban intervention based projects. Most of them have tight budgets, schedules, teams and limited resources. Today while reading through my twitter feed, I stumbled across the work of Norway’s Tyin Tegnestue. The principals Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad specialize in locally sourced and built projects in the [...]

Fabindia Store in New Delhi by Studio Incept
Studio Incept

Jaisika and Nidhi, co-founders of Studio Incept chat with Maitreyi about their studio, their projects and future plans.

mHS_ Design Solution
Lets design low-income housing

House and flat hunting have become a nightmare these days for all of us. Imagine how challenging it must be for the low-income people. It is important to find smart and meaningful, solutions for one of the basic human necessities, “Housing”.

Veer Savarkar Udyan
Reinventing Public Spaces in India

I miss going for a walk in the park! When I was small I used to go and play in the park near my home. Gardens and parks were a very important part of my life when I was growing up. Having lived in different cities in the US and traveled extensively abroad I believe [...]

The Shiv Temple of Wadeshwar

The Shiv Temple in Wadeshwar, Maharashtra is a fascinating example of contemporary Indian architecture. The design is simplistic and takes cues from traditional temple architecture in India. The planning logic follows the rules of traditional temples to an extent where the temple surrounding area is reminiscent of the ‘mandapa’ or the pillared hall where the [...]

Rethinking low incoming housing in India

A lot of affordable housing work in developing nations like India is handled by the government. Government of India is not exactly known for its taste in architecture and design. An interesting story that I read in the Knowledge Wharton blog goes like this – the Tamil Nadu government built low income housing for milkmen [...]

The DIY’ers – Part 1 | Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert

Supertable (previously called the Mobile Activation Station) is a project  by Holobiont (Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert) . It was  selected as the winner of the ‘Grand Idea Competition‘ organized by Designwala this summer. Haruka and Frank won a grand or $1000 to make their idea come to life. Supertable is a portable reconfigurable table [...]

Gaining ground – making a new homeland : Understanding Parsi architecture through Parsi people

A new publication on Parsi housing in India, was recently released by the SID Research Cell, Center for Environmental, Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad. The book that has been titled – ‘Gaining ground – Making a new homeland’ is a set of explorations based on history, migration, growth, architecture and lives of the Parsis in [...]

Most expensive house in the world – wasteful or lavish self-indulgence?

A few years ago who would have imagined that the most expensive house in the world would be in Mumbai. But then India is full of surprises – on one end you have the most expensive house in the world at the same time 42% of India’s population is below the poverty line. In the [...]

Designers as Change Makers – Part 2

Shweta Mudgal is an architect previously working with L&T in Mumbai and SOM in New York City on the Mumbai International Airport. Shweta acquired her BArch in Mumbai and her MArch from Southern California University of Architecture (SciArc). For the second part of the Designwala feature – ‘Designers as Changemakers‘, Shweta talks about architecture as [...]