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Mobile Innovation in India

There are close to 850 million mobile subscribers in India. Mobile penetration in India is increasing every day but that does not come as a surprise. In the past we have looked into successes like Just Dial geared towards the urban Indian and innovations like MKrishi geared towards India’s rural population.

India’s Unique Identification Project

India is a country where one’s identity is heavily defined by class and caste relation. If you are one of the 400 million Indians living in poverty, this can be a harsh reality to deal with. The government invests millions in anti-poverty programs every year but the final recipients are usually never the intended ones. [...]

Gaon Ki Awaaz – bringing hyperlocal news to rural India

A big percentage of indian village population is illiterate. Traditional mode  of transmitting news like newspapers are not effective for that demographic. Television as a medium to disseminate news are not effective in villages either because of unreliable electricity as well as the cost behind purchasing a TV unit. Transistor radios have been a cheap [...]

Rethinking low incoming housing in India

A lot of affordable housing work in developing nations like India is handled by the government. Government of India is not exactly known for its taste in architecture and design. An interesting story that I read in the Knowledge Wharton blog goes like this – the Tamil Nadu government built low income housing for milkmen [...]

Movirtu’s phone sharing product for BOP users

The past decade has seen a lot of work being done in the arena of development of mobile applications in the developing nations. A lot of them include mobile banking, inventories for agricultural products, education, healthcare etc. There has been extensive mobile phone penetration in places like India, parts of Africa, China, and a lot [...]