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all that matters
INK 2013 | All That Matters

Calloh!Callay! I finally made it out to INK. Well, InkLive to be accurate, but what the heck. Joy all around when I managed to score a press pass to cover the event.  So I hopped onto the night train with the Jaaga crew, and found myself back in Kochi, for the first time since Startup School moved back to [...]


Thanks to Ria Rajan, I keep up to date on the latest and greatest fun, social and educational initiatives in India which come together because of good design. Another such informative project is the Menstrupedia project. Started by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul, Menstrupedia aims to dispel the misinformation surrounding menstruation. Good illustrations are always [...]

Drawings of animal tracks and poetry related to animal specimen collecting by Vernon Orlando Bailey, 1890-1891
Finding My Poetry in Design

Recently we conducted a color workshop at one of the fine new design schools in India. The workshop began with a brief that, the students were to design for themselves and not for a client. Somehow the whole range of students, from foundation to final year found it difficult to work without a so called [...]

An Ode to Design

As the year 2012 nears its post-doomsday end (what a bummer that was!), I wondered what kind of an article I should write to finish off this year in style? The year gone by has generally been a rather good year for Design with the Mobile Internet+ Tablet market going berserk, Angry Birds proving yet again [...]

Francesca Rosella_INK
INK Talks: Day 3

Day 3 began on a musical note. Lakshmi introduced the session ‘The Collections’ and the first speaker of the day. Vidya Shah, musician, singer, composer, producer brought to our notice the bygone era of gramophone records. During that time, women recorded more as the Ustads considered it beneath them to record a disc and ‘sell’ that [...]

Speak-er by Thinkofthe

My friend and work partner Valeria Bianco introduced me to the work of Thinkofthe, a Taiwanese and Japanese industrial design duo – Sherwood Forlee and Mihoko Ouchi. They design whimsical fun products that tickle your sensibilities. I went through all their work in a moment of minutes. The anti theft lunch bag is hilarious and [...]

Picture Frame brochure copy
Happy Cardboards

As my work gets more digital, I have been trying harder to look for tangible examples of design and art to draw inspiration from. My end of the week design inspiration is HAPPY Cardboards by Niti Parikh Studio. HAPPY Cardboards are laser cut and etched reclaimed and recycled materials transformed into fun and interesting interior [...]

INDIA And The Need For A National Organization For Design and Designers

When I began studying at Pratt, New York, in 2008, the very first week we were introduced to the American Institute of Graphic Arts. And it instantly appealed to me. Being a student of communication design, in a foreign country, this seemed the best way to keep in touch with the design scene in NY. [...]

IDF: Karim Rashid, Satyendra Paul and Suhasini
India Design Forum: Looking Back

One day in the first week of March I came across a tweet sent out by a friend asking if anyone knew what the India Design Forum was about? I usually am trawling through twitter-feeds and blogs to read up on what is happening in the design field, in India and else where and this [...]

TED Bangalore : Everywhere on Earth

My mind is spinning and is all aglow from all the inspiring people and ideas encountered this afternoon. I just got home from the TED Bangalore Auditions, that were held in the Mount Carmel College auditorium, a landmark college in the city. Seeking to discover it’s next speakers, TED came to Bangalore, to conduct its [...]