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Francesca Rosella_INK
INK Talks: Day 3

Day 3 began on a musical note. Lakshmi introduced the session ‘The Collections’ and the first speaker of the day. Vidya Shah, musician, singer, composer, producer brought to our notice the bygone era of gramophone records. During that time, women recorded more as the Ustads considered it beneath them to record a disc and ‘sell’ that [...]

SwayamGhar – Designing your home for your`self’; by you

Have you ever wondered, about the living room layout that hasn’t felt right since you moved in? Why is it that some spaces feel more livable than others? Why is it you always feel completely lost in stores with a million choices but instantly see a roadside furniture piece and feel it is so YOU? [...]

hindu paper_featured
Publishing a Hindu newspaper in Muslim Pakistan

“Sandesh means ‘message’ and our message is love, peace and tolerance”. This is what Harji Lal, a Hindu man in a small district of Sindh Pakistan says to Bassim Tarikh & Omar Mullick, who are video journalists. Harji started the first Hindu paper called ‘Sandesh‘ for the minority community of Hindus in the Sindh province [...]

Panel Discussion : Parallel Urbanism : local people regulating local spaces

Join us on Feb 28th for a panel presentation and discussion on “Parallel Urbanism – local people regulating local spaces”. THE PANEL Major decisions that affect design and planning of cities are made by urban planners, politicians, policy makers, real estate owners and the government. The local people who inhabit the city usually don’t [...]

The DIY’ers – Part 1 | Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert

Supertable (previously called the Mobile Activation Station) is a project  by Holobiont (Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert) . It was  selected as the winner of the ‘Grand Idea Competition‘ organized by Designwala this summer. Haruka and Frank won a grand or $1000 to make their idea come to life. Supertable is a portable reconfigurable table [...]