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Graphic Design

Picture 12

Hurricane Sandy has forced a lot of us New Yorkers to stay indoors and wait out the storm. I have been trying to collect some design inspiration to get motivated to work. That means massive twitter trawling. I came across these cool matchbox images from a book called Matchbook by Shahid Datawala via one of [...]

Minimal Movie Posters

We’ve had a week with no design inspiration because we are trying to design cool stuff on our own. We are also trying to bring in more design writers to bring to you diverse opinions and ideas around design thinking. Today’s design inspiration is Jonathan Pimento’s minimal film posters. They relate the main idea of [...]

Kaagazi : handbound books

Kaagazi is our design inspiration for today. From what I could gather remotely sitting here in my Brooklyn studio is that the founder is still in school trying to wrangle an e-commerce website for her product. Kaagazi is a handbound collection of notebooks, sketchbooks and journals etc. The other items on the roster like the [...]

Mr Singh’s Hot Punjabi Chili Sauce

As we eat popsicles at the studio today with the temperatures in NYC hitting 93 deg F, I think of all the hot and spicy food we Indians eat in the sweltering heat of India.  My design inspiration today is the identity campaign for Mr Singhs Hot Punjabi Chili Sauce. The rebranding for this UK [...]

The Hinglish Project

I have been looking at a bunch of South Asian fonts in order to create designs for a limited print series for designwala. As I struggle through the process of what is called developing a design concept, I came across ‘The Hinglish Project’ which is an initiative of the ‘Incredible India‘, a ministry of tourism [...]

Young Lions Design Contest

The month of June is quite dear to those in the Advertising and Design industries. Every year, in June, many creative minds flock to the city of Cannes for the famed Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Inspired from the Cannes International Film Festival, The Cannes Lions was established in 1954 but as the ‘International [...]

Annu te Mannu da flat

I stumbled across Shantanu Suman’s work while looking for Indian inspired letterpress work. Designwala will (hopefully) come up with its own limited print edition to sell and we wanted to scope out other talented designers out there who are doing great work. Annu te Mannu da flat caught my eye and so did Truckopoly, a [...]

Designers as Change Makers – Part 3 | Simrit Brar

Simrit Brar is a Graphic Designer who lived and worked in NYC for 6.5 years before moving to LA to work on the publicity for Meryl Streep’s latest film. She was also a part of the team that created the graphic ‘NYC taxi’ logo. She is the creator of some of the most popular posters [...]