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Information & Technology

Startup School | Living in the future.

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back with something to write about. As most new things go, the last few months have a been a whirlwind of ideas, sleepless nights and dreams that has finally manifested itself into its physical form as  Startup School.IN.  Startup School is an intensive 3 month residential incubation program, focused [...]

image courtesy Ink talks facebook page
Ink Talks 2012 : Day 1

Street side entrepreneurs, Bollywood actresses, neurologists, clarinet players and more When I walked into the convention room, I listened to the theme song that they kept playing again and again. I loved it, it was so inspiring, and that set the tone for the day. I cannot even begin to express how brilliant the first day [...]

Corruption and Design

Corruption is nothing new to India. It has always been a part of our societal liabilities. But what is really alarming in today’s India is the manner in which we, as a country have completely failed to tackle corruption. In fact we’ve let the menace morph into new shapes and reach gigantic proportions as time [...]

conductive orchestra3
Conductive Orchestra

Ankkit Modi and Rudransh Mathur, are two budding interaction designers and electronic artists who have recently graduated from the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Banglore. Maitreyi had a chat with them about their interesting project called the Conductive Orchestra.

TED Bangalore : Everywhere on Earth

My mind is spinning and is all aglow from all the inspiring people and ideas encountered this afternoon. I just got home from the TED Bangalore Auditions, that were held in the Mount Carmel College auditorium, a landmark college in the city. Seeking to discover it’s next speakers, TED came to Bangalore, to conduct its [...]

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Germany India- Infinite Opportunities. A labour of love

This blog post is reposted from Jyotika’s blog -Follow my recipe I very rarely talk about work on my blog. Mostly because my blog is an escape from my work. But in true follow my recipe style I felt this project had a place on the blog for all its heart and warmth. The Germany India- [...]

Image courtesy Video Volunteers website
Giving a voice to the unheard : Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers is a NGO based in Goa, India that trains communities to be creative, produce content, think critically about situations and to take action. They combine video journalism and activism and enable marginalized communities to report untold stories from their lives and empower them to think about solutions and take action in the right [...]

The Comeback of the Crafts

Over the last couple of decades we have seen the rise of digital technology. Like every thing that becomes popular, it replaced [temporarily] everything that was analog. Email replaced letters and postcards, digital SLR camera’’s replaced film cameras, kindle and tablets replaced books, and so on. With everything becoming digital and virtual, hand crafted things [...]

‘Spark the Rise’ – Design challenge by Mahendra

Along the lines of Pepsi Refresh Project and GE’s Ecomagination Challenge comes Mahindra’s ‘Spark the Rise‘ Competition which is a digital challenge geared towards creating change through innovation. The campaign that is focused in India aims to get Indians to create innovative projects around six themes namely energy, transport, infrastructure, agriculture, technology and social entrepreneurship. [...]

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Bollywood embracing social media and mobile technology

I grew up in India during the 80′s and the 90′s when cinema goers had switched to the comforts of their houses and VCR’s to watch movies. The coming of new technology wasn’t the only reason people stopped going to theaters. Quality of movies, acting, music and funding from the Mumbai underworld were all equally [...]