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Interaction Design

conductive orchestra3
Conductive Orchestra

Ankkit Modi and Rudransh Mathur, are two budding interaction designers and electronic artists who have recently graduated from the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Banglore. Maitreyi had a chat with them about their interesting project called the Conductive Orchestra.

Braille phone for the visually impaired

Technology is about facilitating tasks. Design is about enabling users to accomplish those tasks and hence making them feel empowered. Sumit Dagar, an interaction designer and recently announced as a TED 2011 Fellow, has been working to present technology so as to enable the blind. About 314 million people are visually impaired worldwide, 45 million [...]

Low-cost self-diagnosis tool for rural India

Primary health centers are the cornerstone of the rural health care system. In 1991, India had about 22,400 primary health centers, 11,200 hospitals, and 27,400 clinics. These facilities are part of a tiered health care system that funnels more difficult cases into urban hospitals while attempting to provide routine medical care to the vast majority [...]

Mapunity – Social technology at work

Mapunity uses and develops technology to tackle social problems and development challenges in India.  They provide map based services and design geographical information systems along with mobile technologies mostly for government departments and civil society organisations. They are also extend their services to R&D initiatives of commercial ventures. Of all the various project Mapunity is [...]

BPL StudyLite by Studio ABD

In India, power cuts during exam time is every child’s biggest anxiety. One breaks into a sweat, starts pacing up and down and even goes to the extreme of praying to the Almighty; promising reforms, pledging away a life of sin and the long dreadful countdown to when the lights will turn back on. This [...]

yellowbjlogo – Connecting employers with informal sector workers is a Bangalore-based start-up that uses the web and mobile technology to connect employers and bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) informal sector workers (i.e. maids, cooks, drivers, etc.) with the goal of creating a scalable, replicable and profitable solution to combat poverty. Babajob aims to do this by creating greater market efficiency in the informal sector through [...]

Designers as ChangeMakers – Part 4 | Ritwik Dey

Ritwik Dey is an Interaction Designer. For “Designers as ChangeMakers”, he talks about the sad state of the Indian education system and his struggle with it. He comes from an engineering background and talks about his growth as a designer and his love for information design and data visualization. Amongst other things he talks about [...]