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Germany India- Infinite Opportunities. A labour of love

This blog post is reposted from Jyotika’s blog -Follow my recipe I very rarely talk about work on my blog. Mostly because my blog is an escape from my work. But in true follow my recipe style I felt this project had a place on the blog for all its heart and warmth. The Germany India- [...]

New Improved Featured
“New-Improved” : Haute Waste

“New-Improved” is a label started by Namrata Narula, a textile designer based in Bangalore India. (She is also is a close friend and classmate of mine from college). “New-Improved” stems from the age old habit of recycling, preserving and jugaad especially amongst Indians. The idea behind the label being that there is still use and [...]

The $300 house : A real solution or a utopic exercise

I watched a movie called ‘Dharavi – a slum for sale‘ during the Jugaad Urbanism event in New York. The movie was directed by a Swiss director who had been making trips to India for a few years and decided to make a film on Dharavi. It was well directed, the characters were well developed [...]

Jugaad – The spirit of indian innovation

Flickr picture by lakshman_M. “Jugaad is a vehicle assembled by carpenters and low skilled people much like what the Flintstones did for their cars.  The basic form of the vehicle is a cart fitted out with a diesel pump used as an engine.  A big rod with a wheel at the end serves as the [...]