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Women and Social Spaces – Dec 29 2012

Woman and Social Spaces was the title of the panel that was held in the BMW Guggenheim Lab which is open in Mumbai through January 20, 2013. The lab is an open think tank for urban development, a community center and a public gathering space. The mobile lab has already made its way through New York [...]

InfluencerCON 2012 – A Recap

Maitreyi, recalls the exciting 3 day event Oct 3rd – 5th 2012

InfluencerCon 2012 October 3rd-5th, Mumbai

In an inspiring and engaging chat over Skype early in the morning, Philip McKenzie – founder of InfluencerCon and Tegy Thomas the lead organizers of InfluencerCon Mumbai, spoke to Maitreyi about InfluencerCon 2012.

The Shiv Temple of Wadeshwar

The Shiv Temple in Wadeshwar, Maharashtra is a fascinating example of contemporary Indian architecture. The design is simplistic and takes cues from traditional temple architecture in India. The planning logic follows the rules of traditional temples to an extent where the temple surrounding area is reminiscent of the ‘mandapa’ or the pillared hall where the [...]

Image by Louis West -
Between The Green Lights – Bollywood and Street Kids

If you travel on the streets of Mumbai, you will stumble upon street kids who go about begging to earn a living. These kids are young, enthusiastic, curious, bold and have learned to deal with adversity the hard way. One thing that really motivates these kids is Bollywood. Kanan Shah, a Pratt Institute graduate, is [...]

Why Loiter? Is Mumbai an ideal city to loiter in?

Studio X in Mumbai last month hosted the launch of a book that highlights women’s access to public space. Titled, “Why Loiter?” The book is an effort of three women; Sameera Khan a Mumbai based journalist and writer, Shilpa Phadke an assistant professor at the Centre for Media and Cultural Studies at the Tata Institute [...]

Street Corner
Redefining the Public Realm in Mumbai

Mumbai as a city is expanding with public spaces diminishing. Studies indicate that 2 hectares of quality open space per 1000 residents in dense urban settings is an acceptable benchmark. Mumbai has a severe dearth of parks and playgrounds to cater for it’s rapidly increasing population. The quality of public realm in our cities is [...]

Most expensive house in the world – wasteful or lavish self-indulgence?

A few years ago who would have imagined that the most expensive house in the world would be in Mumbai. But then India is full of surprises – on one end you have the most expensive house in the world at the same time 42% of India’s population is below the poverty line. In the [...]

Designers as ChangeMakers – Part 4 | Ritwik Dey

Ritwik Dey is an Interaction Designer. For “Designers as ChangeMakers”, he talks about the sad state of the Indian education system and his struggle with it. He comes from an engineering background and talks about his growth as a designer and his love for information design and data visualization. Amongst other things he talks about [...]

Designers as Change Makers – Part 2

Shweta Mudgal is an architect previously working with L&T in Mumbai and SOM in New York City on the Mumbai International Airport. Shweta acquired her BArch in Mumbai and her MArch from Southern California University of Architecture (SciArc). For the second part of the Designwala feature – ‘Designers as Changemakers‘, Shweta talks about architecture as [...]