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Kaagazi : handbound books

Kaagazi is our design inspiration for today. From what I could gather remotely sitting here in my Brooklyn studio is that the founder is still in school trying to wrangle an e-commerce website for her product. Kaagazi is a handbound collection of notebooks, sketchbooks and journals etc. The other items on the roster like the [...]

Designing sanitation for low income urban and rural dwellers

Public toilets in India is a design problem which is yet to reach full resolution. Only close to 45 % of Indians have access to any kind of toilet. I remember traveling with my parents as a child while growing up in India. We never stopped at any public restrooms since there weren’t any. If [...]

design clinic scheme_featured
The Design Clinic Scheme – A platform to connect designers and small scale industries in India

I recently stumbled on an initiative called the ‘Design Clinic Scheme’ while doing research on the internet for an entirely different project. The government of India is spending close to Rs 73.58 crores to create design intervention and bring design awareness to the enterprises in the country that need it the most. The initiative that was [...]

NID images
When the vision comes first

The Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh laid the foundation for an upcoming National Institute of Design at Jorhat in Assam. It is one of the first of four which are in the pipeline for the next 11 years. The government has allocated a good amount of funds towards this initiative. A request for proposal has [...]