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An Ode to Design

As the year 2012 nears its post-doomsday end (what a bummer that was!), I wondered what kind of an article I should write to finish off this year in style? The year gone by has generally been a rather good year for Design with the Mobile Internet+ Tablet market going berserk, Angry Birds proving yet again [...]

design porn
Design Porn

This article is going to set the Designwala Site statistics on fire. That is the power of the word ‘Porn’. But if you are a reader who expects to read about the Design revolutions taking place in the porn industry (savita bhabhi and 3d porn to name a few), I am sorry but that is [...]

Speak-er by Thinkofthe

My friend and work partner Valeria Bianco introduced me to the work of Thinkofthe, a Taiwanese and Japanese industrial design duo – Sherwood Forlee and Mihoko Ouchi. They design whimsical fun products that tickle your sensibilities. I went through all their work in a moment of minutes. The anti theft lunch bag is hilarious and [...]

Chumbak : Products based in and on India

I have been a bit obsessed with everything Indian and kitsch for a while now. That includes bollywood, Indian street food, chor bazaars, mumbaiya slang and the general bling that goes with growing up in India. The knick knacks from Chumbak embody a lot of that in their aesthetic. The ‘things Indian say’ video and collection made [...]

design clinic scheme_featured
The Design Clinic Scheme – A platform to connect designers and small scale industries in India

I recently stumbled on an initiative called the ‘Design Clinic Scheme’ while doing research on the internet for an entirely different project. The government of India is spending close to Rs 73.58 crores to create design intervention and bring design awareness to the enterprises in the country that need it the most. The initiative that was [...]