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Santosh More - Kala Ghoda Festival - Feb 2012 - Prohibited II
Prohibited by Santosh More

We were sent the work of Santosh More recently. Given its architectural and urban overtones his work resonated with us. Santosh’s work is being exhibited at the Jehangir Art Gallery & Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai from 22nd Jan to 20th Feb 2013 by independent curator and arts representative Shraddha Purnaye. Here is the [...]

Image courtesy Video Volunteers website
Giving a voice to the unheard : Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers is a NGO based in Goa, India that trains communities to be creative, produce content, think critically about situations and to take action. They combine video journalism and activism and enable marginalized communities to report untold stories from their lives and empower them to think about solutions and take action in the right [...]

Women using Arunachalam's creation to make low cost sanitary pads.
Disrupting women’s hygiene in rural India through design thinking.

Having grown up in a middle class family in India, this came as a shock to me – 88% of women in India do not have access to sanitary napkins. They resort to using rags, ashes, newspaper, dried leaves and husk according to a study by AC Nielsen. According to an article in Fastcoexist, girls [...]

Sarvajal – Innovative technologies for distributing clean drinking water

Sarvajal is a franchise that provides clean drinking water to India’s rural community. It is run by Piramal Water Private and was started back in 2008. Sarvajal is not only serving a social cause, it is a great example of systems thinking, brand development, franchise business development, data collection and sustainable design and technology. Sarvajal [...]

Mobile Innovation in India

There are close to 850 million mobile subscribers in India. Mobile penetration in India is increasing every day but that does not come as a surprise. In the past we have looked into successes like Just Dial geared towards the urban Indian and innovations like MKrishi geared towards India’s rural population.

Designing ATM’s for rural India

The new ATM machine that was recently prototyped by NCR truly disrupts the ATM space. The machine which is being called the ‘Pillar’ (since it looks like one) is probably the only ATM machine which can be used by people who are illiterate and cannot read or write. For starters, the ATM does not have [...]

Mobius – the SUV that will connect Africa and its entrepreneurs

This is probably one of the first articles in Designwala that encompasses design thinking outside of India. It is tough to talk about design thinking in India without looking at what services and products Africa and China are creating. Design for the developing world cannot happen in isolation and as reverse innovation takes a hold [...]

design clinic scheme_featured
The Design Clinic Scheme – A platform to connect designers and small scale industries in India

I recently stumbled on an initiative called the ‘Design Clinic Scheme’ while doing research on the internet for an entirely different project. The government of India is spending close to Rs 73.58 crores to create design intervention and bring design awareness to the enterprises in the country that need it the most. The initiative that was [...]

Designing a criteria to count the poor in India for BPL cards

India’s poverty line is sometimes called the ‘starvation line’ since this income based poverty line considers the bare minimum income to provide food and does not account for education and healthcare. An income of less than a dollar per person per day is defined as extreme poverty internationally. By that estimate, 40% of the Indians [...]

Fair trade comes to India

As the buying power of the Indian consumer grows in the coming years, it is time that they start making educated choices about what they are consuming. The market is flooded with products from all kinds of producers that clumps mass produced industry made products with the ones produced by the fast dwindling race of [...]