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Service Design

Cultural Sensitivity in Design

This article should have been about the Beetle (Not the life form but the car). But something interesting happened over the Deepavali holidays that made me change my mind. So this article is going to be about the importance of Cultural sensitivity in Design. A few days back, as I was walking down the road, [...]

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Design in the Dustbin

‘What did you possibly think of writing that connects Information Design and Waste Management?’ you might wonder. Don’t worry folks. I am not going to grind you down with Wasteful logic (clever!) or tedious facts. Recently, Bangalore’s Municipal Corporation (BBMP) announced that the people have to sort their domestic waste before handing it over to the [...]

CKS – 34 ways to save a life

This post is long overdue. Ive been caught up with the madness that trails behind deadlines, mundane activities like getting my driving license, visas etc. In the midst of all this thankfully, I managed to have a chat with Aditya Dev Sood,  Founder and CEO of the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS). CKS is an [...]

Design!publiC conclave – design thinking and governance innovation

As design minds in the US try to figure out whether effective problem solving can still be called design-thinking or needs to be replaced by another buzz word called creative intelligence (refer to Bruce Nussbaums recent article on the subject, and Robert Fabricant’s take on creative intelligence) a conclave in India tries to figure out [...]

Just Dial

JustDial maintains a large and updated database of all local businesses and services not only for metro cities but also for all small towns in India. Just Dial’s service came into existence in early 1990s when VSS Mani, founder and CEO, identified a user need . In a news channel interview he mentioned, “Things never [...]

The Indovators – Part 2 | Jinal Shah

Jinal Shah is a digital strategist and works for Electric Artists in NYC. She describes herself as a thinker, writer and storyteller and jots down her thoughts in her blog – Constant Beta. She also started a blog called Dsplaced that aggregates stories from people and talks about their sense of displacement from home and [...]