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Feedback and comments by Anisha Shankar for Design Impact
Nutrition and Design

Anisha Shankar, is a Design Impact Fellow working on a nutrition and livelihoods programme at Deep Griha Society, a charitable organisation that serves people living in the slums of Pune, India, through programmes ranging from education, to health, to self-help projects. Their primary office is located at Tadiwala Road in Pune. Maitreyi had a chance to interview Anisha below are the excerpts from the interview…

Government, open data & design

The Union Cabinet in India approved a “National Design Policy‘ on 8th Feb 2007. The step was taken realizing the strategic importance of design for national and industrial competitiveness. The vision behind initiating the ‘National Design Policy’ is to have a design enabled Indian industry. The government initiated a consulting process with designers and industry [...]

Rural Education System | GAME DESIGN

Proposal for game design for rural education system – After doing a thorough research on how education system of primary schools gets implemented in rural areas of the state, I found out many opportunities to intervene and design games to teach student differently and interestingly. Key insights- 1. Need of a resource other than book, [...]

Indigenous Modernities – Jyoti Hosagrahar Part 2

The second part of the video is titled ‘Indigenous Modernities’ based on the title of Jyoti Hosagrahar’s book with the same title. In this video, she talks about modernity in the context of the developing world. She brings up the perception of ‘Modern’ where it is equaled to western living vs it being understood as [...]

NyayaBhoomi – A Service Design Venture for Auto-Rickshaws

Ever had to catch one of those New Delhi auto-rickshaws? You know that you are being taken for a ride then. The rickshaw drivers are rude, they refuse to go by the meter, they always seem to be going the opposite direction to where you want to be going. I have questioned the local transportation [...]

Mapunity – Social technology at work

Mapunity uses and develops technology to tackle social problems and development challenges in India.  They provide map based services and design geographical information systems along with mobile technologies mostly for government departments and civil society organisations. They are also extend their services to R&D initiatives of commercial ventures. Of all the various project Mapunity is [...]

yellowbjlogo – Connecting employers with informal sector workers is a Bangalore-based start-up that uses the web and mobile technology to connect employers and bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) informal sector workers (i.e. maids, cooks, drivers, etc.) with the goal of creating a scalable, replicable and profitable solution to combat poverty. Babajob aims to do this by creating greater market efficiency in the informal sector through [...]

new retailers
Chotukool – nano refrigerator for rural india

The ChotuKool is like no other fridge. It does not have a compressor. It runs on a battery. Utensils and bottles need to be loaded into this 43-litre cool box from the top. It weighs only 7.8 kg and costs only Rs 3,200. A product of Godrej & Boyce, the fridge was co-created with the [...]

Stopping open defecation in India by 2012

“This is the first toilet in the world — in the world — where you use the toilet and you get paid,” Nair says. Now India is trying a different kind of cash reward to encourage toilet use. The Nirmal Gram Puraskar, or “clean village prize,” gives 50,000-5 million rupees to local governments that end [...]