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Shagun Singh

Gaon Ki Awaaz – bringing hyperlocal news to rural India

A big percentage of indian village population is illiterate. Traditional mode  of transmitting news like newspapers are not effective for that demographic. Television as a medium to disseminate news are not effective in villages either because of unreliable electricity as well as the cost behind purchasing a TV unit. Transistor radios have been a cheap [...]

Movirtu’s phone sharing product for BOP users

The past decade has seen a lot of work being done in the arena of development of mobile applications in the developing nations. A lot of them include mobile banking, inventories for agricultural products, education, healthcare etc. There has been extensive mobile phone penetration in places like India, parts of Africa, China, and a lot [...]

NyayaBhoomi – A Service Design Venture for Auto-Rickshaws

Ever had to catch one of those New Delhi auto-rickshaws? You know that you are being taken for a ride then. The rickshaw drivers are rude, they refuse to go by the meter, they always seem to be going the opposite direction to where you want to be going. I have questioned the local transportation [...]

The city and the internet

For some of us who grew up back home in India, we understand the perils of living in an unplanned city. Dodgy transportation system, consistent power cuts, inefficient waste disposal and sewage systems, gridlocked roads and a broken, corrupt bureaucratic government. People develop ways around problems. They adjust. The idea is to work the system [...]

Designing Chairs vs Changing the World

When I look back at my time in undergrad school, amongst the endless hours of work and play, I think of the time spent at the canteen. Canteen was the place where we drank tonnes of highly caffeinated chai, sketched design solutions with twigs on the loose soil and chatted about things that interested us. [...]

Kopernik : Connecting technology with people who need it the most

Incase you haven’t discovered the difference in the writing style – from well put together prose to someone writing a personal diary, here is the revelation. I am the person who does the videos and not the writing. That said, Ria is on vacation and will be back soon. This morning I woke up and [...]