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Urbanized Poster
Urbanized: The Design of Cities

A few weeks ago, Gary Hustwit kept his promise and sent me a DVD of his new movie Urbanized. No, I don’t know him personally but I backed his Kickstarter campaign and hence got the DVD. Having seen the movie now, I am glad I made that investment. Urbanized completes Hustwit’s design-themed trilogy after Helvetica [...]

mHS_ Design Solution
Lets design low-income housing

House and flat hunting have become a nightmare these days for all of us. Imagine how challenging it must be for the low-income people. It is important to find smart and meaningful, solutions for one of the basic human necessities, “Housing”.

Veer Savarkar Udyan
Reinventing Public Spaces in India

I miss going for a walk in the park! When I was small I used to go and play in the park near my home. Gardens and parks were a very important part of my life when I was growing up. Having lived in different cities in the US and traveled extensively abroad I believe [...]

SRFD Poster 2007_2
An insight into the Sabarmati riverfront development project

Designwala recently organized a panel about local people regulating local spaces. The panel was timely given the political unrest in the Middle East and Africa with people standing up to reclaim their rights. The video for the panel will be posted shortly. Our three panelists Jyoti Hosagrahar, Lina Srivastava and John Geraci come from different [...]

Rethinking low incoming housing in India

A lot of affordable housing work in developing nations like India is handled by the government. Government of India is not exactly known for its taste in architecture and design. An interesting story that I read in the Knowledge Wharton blog goes like this – the Tamil Nadu government built low income housing for milkmen [...]

vaani image
Empowering the deaf child – Vaani

VAANI is an organisation that works to empower the deaf child. Its role is to act as a catalyst. Rather than delivering services, VAANI supports the development of accessible sustainable services for deaf children and their families whilst working closely with the overall development strategies of the country. VAANI works with local organisations to build [...]

ReThink Waste = Thunk in India

India’s headcount of approximately 1.17 billion people consists of more than one-sixth of the world’s population. In a country as large as this, it is rather alarming that there is no Indian policy document, which examines waste as part of a cycle of production-consumption-recovery or perceives the issue of waste through a prism of overall [...]

Designers as Change Makers – Part 2

Shweta Mudgal is an architect previously working with L&T in Mumbai and SOM in New York City on the Mumbai International Airport. Shweta acquired her BArch in Mumbai and her MArch from Southern California University of Architecture (SciArc). For the second part of the Designwala feature – ‘Designers as Changemakers‘, Shweta talks about architecture as [...]