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all that matters
INK 2013 | All That Matters

Calloh!Callay! I finally made it out to INK. Well, InkLive to be accurate, but what the heck. Joy all around when I managed to score a press pass to cover the event.  So I hopped onto the night train with the Jaaga crew, and found myself back in Kochi, for the first time since Startup School moved back to [...]

Drawings of animal tracks and poetry related to animal specimen collecting by Vernon Orlando Bailey, 1890-1891
Finding My Poetry in Design

Recently we conducted a color workshop at one of the fine new design schools in India. The workshop began with a brief that, the students were to design for themselves and not for a client. Somehow the whole range of students, from foundation to final year found it difficult to work without a so called [...]

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Bangalore Rickshaw

Designwala’s inspiration section has been on a bit of a hiatus. That is primarily because the people who write this blog are designers and when there are design projects to be finished, design writing needs to wait. However I see all of us designers as a big community of inspiring people so when one is [...]

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Germany India- Infinite Opportunities. A labour of love

This blog post is reposted from Jyotika’s blog -Follow my recipe I very rarely talk about work on my blog. Mostly because my blog is an escape from my work. But in true follow my recipe style I felt this project had a place on the blog for all its heart and warmth. The Germany India- [...]

Image courtesy Video Volunteers website
Giving a voice to the unheard : Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers is a NGO based in Goa, India that trains communities to be creative, produce content, think critically about situations and to take action. They combine video journalism and activism and enable marginalized communities to report untold stories from their lives and empower them to think about solutions and take action in the right [...]

The Art of Storytelling in Design

Storytelling is considered to be one the most ancient art forms. Once we understand the nuances of this we realize that almost everything that surrounds us, has a narrative, a story to tell.  Storytelling by definition is the “conveying of events, in words, images, and sounds, often by improvisation or embellishment. Every narrative includes a [...]

Digital Narratives @ TechVista 2011

TechVista is Micrsoft Research India’s annual symposium, that brings together and features people whose work defines new directions in technology and science.This year, TV was held at the Westin, in Pune, India on the 21st of Jan. I had the wonderful opportunity to actually be part of and work with a fantastic team whose project [...]

The Indovators – Part 2 | Jinal Shah

Jinal Shah is a digital strategist and works for Electric Artists in NYC. She describes herself as a thinker, writer and storyteller and jots down her thoughts in her blog – Constant Beta. She also started a blog called Dsplaced that aggregates stories from people and talks about their sense of displacement from home and [...]