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Urban Intervention

The red swing project

Ria Rajan sent me a fun project. It is called the ‘red swing project‘and is a way to positively impact under-utilized public spaces with simple red swings. The swings have appeared all around the world including USA, India, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Spain, Portugal, Haiti and Poland. The project originated in Austin, Texas [...]

Veer Savarkar Udyan
Reinventing Public Spaces in India

I miss going for a walk in the park! When I was small I used to go and play in the park near my home. Gardens and parks were a very important part of my life when I was growing up. Having lived in different cities in the US and traveled extensively abroad I believe [...]

The Light Surgeons
UnBox Festival V.2

As some of you might have noticed, there has been an explosion of design related conferences and festivals that have sprouted up in India, over the last few years. Unbox is part of the mix. This year, in its second avataar it was bigger, better and shinier than the previous one. The 3 day long [...]

Urban + Fun = Urfun Lab Surat

I stumbled upon Urfun Lab during my regular morning RSS feed trawl. Indian by design, a prolific design blog I subscribe to had a blog post about an interesting urban intervention project that caught my eye. It was a project by a group called Urfun Lab from Surat. As per my references online, the group [...]

The DIY’ers – Part 1 | Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert

Supertable (previously called the Mobile Activation Station) is a project  by Holobiont (Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert) . It was  selected as the winner of the ‘Grand Idea Competition‘ organized by Designwala this summer. Haruka and Frank won a grand or $1000 to make their idea come to life. Supertable is a portable reconfigurable table [...]

MobileActivationStation_holobiont-1 2
A Grand Idea | Inhabit – winners announced

The Mobile Activation Station by Holobiont The Mobile Activation Station designed by Holobiont (Haruka Horiuchi & Frank Hebbert) has been selected as the winner by our three esteemed judges – Raul Smith Correa of ‘Faiscas‘, Soo-in Yang of ‘The Living’ and Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai. They win a grand or $1000 to make their [...]